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Glasgow 1:16 This page has been written to give tram and tramway modelling enthusiasts pointers to where they can find out more about the subject.

The modelling articles are divided by scale and topics, but many methods are applicable across all the sizes

Further information is available in the range of tramway modelling books.

Model trams can be seen at many model exhibitions.

Views of the wonderful model trams and tramways shown over the years at the Festival of Model Tramways can be seen in the reviews in the Festival Archive.

The British Systems list provides links to photographs and postcards of the full size tramcars.

Facebook Tramway Modelling Group where you can add your own model photos and exchange ideas.

Facebook Hong Kong Model Tram Group dealing with HK models.

Photo: Glasgow Standard tram in 1:16 scale by Frank Roche.


Zurich H0 These are lists of suppliers of materials, kits, or complete models. The information collected is for guidance only, and this web site cannot be held in any way responsible for any inaccuracies found. Any questions and queries should be directed to the manufacturer concerned.

Here at Tramway Information we can exclusively supply you with Majestic Trams white metal kits and Pete Watson PDF card kits.

If you need to track down the location of your local model railway shop, try

Photo: Zürich tram in H0 scale. Commercial product from Navemo John Prentice

Large scales

Stockport 1:16 The traditional large scale for British tram models is 1:16 scale (3/4":1 foot), running on 3.5" gauge track.

Photo: Stockport tram in 1:16 scale by Ashley Best. Bob Appleton
Photo: Brill 22E bogie in 1:16 scale by Ashley Best. Ann Best

Small scales

Maidstone 00 The most common small scale for British tram models is 00 (4mm to 1 foot), running on 16.5mm gauge track. For Continental models it is H0 (3.5mm to 1 foot), which also runs on 16.5mm gauge track.

Photo: Maidstone Demi-car in 00 scale by John Prentice from Majestic kit. John Prentice
Photo: Ilford 40 in 00 scale by John Prentice. John Prentice
Photo: LUT type WT 261 in 00 scale by Adrian Batt. Adrian Batt
Photo: LCC No.1 in 00 scale by David Voice. David Voice


LUT 1:16
Fancy trying 3D design and printing? Derek Smith has provided some simple video guides to using the SketchUp software to construct a tram.

Photo: LUT tram in 1:16 scale by Richard Elliott.

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