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Motors and Motor Units/Bogies

Motors and Motor Units/Bogies

For most of the common types of motor unit we currently recommend, a UK importer and supplier of motors and bogies for small scale model makers from a variety of Japanese manufacturers, many ideal for the tram modeller. They stock some of the motors in the Mashima range, where still available, and other common types.

BullAnt bogie Tenshodo, Halling, Black Beetle, BullAnt (shown on right) and other motor bogies can be supplied.

Spare motor brushes are available, as is a wide selection of flywheels, gearboxes and gears.

Their website is at

The former range of BEC motor units are now manufactured by KW Trams

For 9 mm gauge Kato motor units, particularly the useful 11-109, can also be purchased through suppliers on Amazon and eBay.

For most of the above motor units you will also find examples by searching eBay, possibly at cheaper prices.

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