John Wills
London Tramway Photographs

These are photographs taken or collected by the late A.J. (John) Wills during the years of operation of the London Tramway system between 1903 to 1952. Over 2000 photographs are available.

There are pages of notes and tables that John compiled during his lifetime. It is hoped that these notes will give a service history of tramcars that are pictured, and also the day to day running and history of the first generation of London Tramways.

The Wills photographic negatives are in the archive of the Tramway and Light Railway Society, who are storing them for use by future generations of tram historians. Those views are copyright-owned by the T.L.R.S. They must not be copied or reproduced without prior permission. The original photographic database was created by John Wills's son, also John Wills, who sadly passed away in November 2014.

To enable you to find the photographs that interest you please use the Picture Search function. Note, cookies must be enabled for the database search software to work. There are four searches available, Search by Location, Search by Class of car, Search for cars on a specific numbered service and Search by car number.

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