2005 Festival of Model Tramways
List of Exhibitors

The following table is a list of the exhibitors at the 2005 Festival of Model Tramways. The links provided are mostly to pages of the Tramway Modelling On-line Reference. Use "Back" to return to this page. The list is provisional and subject to change.

Exhibitor's Name Description Scale Etc.
J.Prentice and R.Howes Trams at War Photo Display
Contest Models Contest Various
Terry Russell Trams Tram parts and drawings plus
the St. Petersburg 0 gauge models
TLRS Model Engineering Large scale wheels & castings Sales
D.Carson Walmington Pier Tramway 3.5mm
W.Avery Port of Enn, preserved transport 2mm
Buckinghamshire Garden Railway Society Penn Street - Whiteleaf G scale
G.Warner Mytchett Green, LCC 1920-30 4mm
Croydon MRS Croydon Tramlink 4mm
A.Best Paintings & Models 1:16
R.Moules Cheerio Charlton, London CRD 7mm
R.Vincett Tram Museum 7mm
LCCTT Tramway books, videos and photos Sales
Electric Railway Society Books, maps, and colour slides Sales
D.Voice Modelling information and advice Info
W.Midlands TLRS Trams from the group Various
0 Gauge Tram Group St. Peters Road, 1930s-50s 7mm
R.Allen Tramway, railway and local postcards Sales
Model Tramway System Large scale castings and parts Sales
S.& M.Whitley Stepley Corporation Tramways 4mm
A.D.Packer Black & white photographs Sales
L.R.T.A. Tram books, videos & DVDs Sales
Model Tramway Shop Small scale modelling supplies Sales
T.L.R.S. Publications Tramway and model tramway books Sales
P.Penders European trams from 1920s 7mm
D.Franklin Trumpton 4mm
Volks Electric Rly. Ass. Volks Electric Railway, Brighton sea front 10mm
D.Sibley Tramstadt - Dutch tramway 3.5mm
R.Tidball Arcadia Electric - US Interurbans and Trolley Cars 3.5mm
Oxford & Chilterns TLRS Thamesmarsh - a modular layout 4mm
A.B.S. Models White metal tram kits and parts Sales
Alphagraphix Card Tram and Scenery Kits Sales
H.Burford Wootton Tramway - Passenger carrying 7 1/4" gauge
T.L.R.S. Frank E. Wilson L.C.C. cars 3/4"
A.Lawrence The Broadway - loosely based on Ilford 2mm
Solent Area TLRS Severn Mill museum tramway 7mm
Chris Cornell Kits Etched brass kits Sales
J.Howe Kingsway Tram Subway 4mm
Sussex Area TLRS Peter Fickweiler's Peterstown 7mm
German Speaking TLRS D.Lehnhardt tin plate models and group information 7mm
R.Hafke, TramShop German books and H0 models Sales
W.& J.Helliwell Valley Tramways - northern British town 4mm
J.Gillham Route and track layout maps Sales
S.Trower Gransun Street 4mm
J. & K. Video Tramway videos Sales

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