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A.B.S Models was run by the late Adrian Swain and manufactured a wide range of whitemetal kits:

OO Gauge British Tram Kits

These unmotorised white metal tram body kits are complete with instructions, glazing etc. They are designed to be used with A.B.S. mechanism kits, or else BEC (now KW) or Tenshodo SPUD ready-to-run mechanisms.

Sheffield Roberts Car A.B.S. R464 - Sheffield Roberts Car.
Model by J.Prentice
(transfers added)

Kit Description
R400Hull Open Balcony Tramcar
R401Leeds ex-Hull 'Kipperbox'
R402Hull 3 window enclosed tram
R403Leeds ex-Hull works car
R406Southampton/Portsmouth Toastrack
R407Southampton ex-L.C.C. Class B Tram
Ex Varney models
R153Horsedrawn Tramcar 'The People'
R154Horsedrawn Tramcar L.C.C.
R413Liverpool Baby Grand
-Liverpool Green Godess
Ex Anbrico models
R464Sheffield Roberts
Ex BEC-KITS models
R420L.C.C. single deck snowplough
R421L.T. ex-L.C.C. single deck stores van and driver training car
R422L.T. ex-L.C.C. single deck snowbroom
R423L.C.C. open top Class B or C tram
R424L.C.C. balcony or Class C tram
R425L.C.C. enclosed top Class B or C tram
Traditional British 2-axle tram range
R4923 window open top tram
R4933 window open top tram
R4943 window up, 3 window down balcony top tram
R4954 window up, 3 window down balcony top tram
R4964 window up, 4 window down balcony top tram
R4973 window up, 3 window down closed top tram
R4984 window up, 3 window down closed top tram
R4994 window up, 4 window down closed top tram
-3 window, single deck
-4 window, single deck
R536Traditional tram 180° stairs

Other tramcar kits are being introduced regularly to this range.

Motorised Tramcar Truck Kits

These whitemetal 4 wheel truck kits are designed to motorise model tramcar kits and are complete with instructions, motor, wheels, gears, etc. They require simple soldering skills.

Kit Description
R55124mm Motorising kit 6'0" wheelbase 10.5mm wheels
R55226mm Motorising kit 6'6" wheelbase 10.5mm wheels
R55328mm Motorising kit 7'0" wheelbase 10.5mm wheels
R55430mm Motorising kit 7'6" wheelbase 10.5mm wheels
R55532mm Motorising kit 8'0" wheelbase 10.5mm wheels
R55634mm Motorising kit 8'6" wheelbase 10.5mm wheels
R55732mm Motorising kit 8'0" wheelbase 9mm wheels
R55834mm Motorising kit 8'6" wheelbase 9mm wheels
R55936mm Motorising kit 9'0" wheelbase 9mm wheels
Motorising kits for diecast trams:
R598Corgi 4 wheel tram motorising kit
R599EFE Horsfield motorising kit 8'6" wheelbase

Other truck kits are being introduced regularly to this range.

ABS also hold the masters for the 0 gauge kits formerly made by Bec and MTS.

Contacting A.B.S Models

ABS kits are now produced and sold by KW Trams

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