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Kiev, Traffic Cameras

From Live Cam

Kiev (Kyiv) has both 130 km of tramway routes and a 318 km trolleybus system, Ukraine's largest. This is a huge series of traffic cameras of the city. A large number show the trolleybuses, but some (e.g. cameras 25, 27, 29 and 64 - a very good one where our snapshot was taken) show the tramway. The first page gives you a random view together with a map of all the cameras. There is a series of views below from other cameras, but the "All Cams" option below gives a list of them all. Most give a moving picture. The "see on the map" link below the camera zooms the map in to show the camera's position. Hover over the picture and you are offered an option for a larger moving image.

United Kingdom

Blackpool, Cab View

Not a live camera, but the BBC have provided us a view from the driver's cab of one of the new trams in Blackpool, England. The run is from Pleasure Beach to North Pier.


Illinois Railway Museum, Site Cameras

As well as its main line railway exhibits, the Illinois Railway Museum at Union, Illinois, USA, has a large range of interurbans, streetcars and trolley coaches. On running days examples can be seen from the web cameras around their site. They have a variable automatic update which defaults to 8 seconds, but with a 2 second option for high speed lines.

New Orleans, Louisiana, St. Charles Avenue

From Live Cam

This camera is in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, from "Fat Harry's" bar looking across St. Charles Avenue, close to its junction with Napoleon Avenue. The grass median strip carries the heritage streetcars and the view between the trees shows the uptown trolley stop on the far track. The image automatically updates every 20 seconds, although has recently given a moving picture. However, the camera is somtimes off-line.

Phoenix, Arizona, Chase Field

This camera is in Phoenix, Arizona, USA in a district known as Chase Field. It shows the Valley Metro LRT system. In the centre of view is an LRT stop. The view is updated every ten minutes and there is an archive of previous views.

Portland, Oregon, I-84 Traffic Cameras

After leaving Portland, Oregon, USA, the MAX (the marketing name for the light rail system) runs along the side of the Banfield Freeway, partly sharing the right of way with the Union Pacific Railroad. This link is to a map and a series of twelve traffic cameras on Interstate 84, in some of which the tramway can be seen. Clicking on the individual small view or the map gives a larger image which automatically updates every few minutes.

Salt Lake City, Utah, Traffic Cameras

From Live Cam

This link is to a set of traffic cameras in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. where there is a main map showing the freeways and interstates in the city area and the route of the Trax LRV. You will see dozens of little 'cam' symbols and those next to the tram route will show the tramway. The time in Salt Lake City is GMT -7.

Seattle, Washington, Traffic Cameras

From Live Cam

Here are a number of traffic cameras in Seattle, Washington, USA, which show both the LRV operated tramway and the trolleybus (trolleycoach) system. The trams are visible on the cameras at "MLK Way S & S Alaska St - EW", "MLK Way S & S Othello St - EW" and "MLK Way S & S Othello St - NS", the last of which also includes trolleybuses. The trolleybuses of this large system can also be seen on a number of the other cameras on the list given. Image updates are every minute but you have to refresh manually. The time in Seattle is GMT -8.

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