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Adelaide, Town Hall Bell Tower

The city of Adelaide, Australia, provides this website. From the tourist webcams on offer, the two mounted on the bell tower of the town hall are of interest to us. The north view looks down onto King William Street and the south view gives Victoria Square. A frequent service on the Adelaide Glenelg tramway can be seen on both. At weekends the heritage tram may also be seen. Click on the links to get larger images which automatically update every 5 or 10 seconds.

Melbourne, Traffic Cameras

From Live Cam

Zoom in on the map and you get traffic cameras in Melbourne, Australia. Trams can be seen on many of the views. We have found them on the cameras at Flemington Rd. (two cams), Flinders St., Kings Way, Mt. Alexander Rd., Racecourse Rd., Riversdale Rd. and St Kilda Rd., but there are probably others. The images update every few minutes, but you need to use the refresh button provided.


Graz, Hauptplatz

From Live Cam

A camera in the Rathaus shows the Hauptplatz in Graz, Austria. Several tram routes cross the square, which sometimes contains markets, although recently the view has been somewhat obstructed. Click on the button marked "Steuerung/control" and after a short wait you will be able to point the camera at the tram stop. The image is frequently updated.

Mariazellerbahn, Laubenbachmühle

These two cameras are on the Mariazellerbahn in Austria. Clicking on either of the thumbnails gives views of the new depot at Laubenbachmühle. The Mariazellerbahn is built to the very narrow 760mm gauge. It is mostly operated as a main line railway, but there are some modern "tram-like" vehicles. At the Mariazell end of the line is a standard gauge museum line which runs a steam tram. Images update every 2 minutes but manual refresh is needed.

Vienna, Brünner Straße

From Live Cam

This nice camera in Vienna (Wien), Austria gives a view of Brünner Straße at Shuttleworthstraße. It shows the tram stop which is served by routes 30 and 31. The view updates every second, but after a while you have to click a button to restart it.

Vienna, Hernalser Gürtel

This camera in Vienna (Wien), Austria and shows Hernalser Gürtel at Hernalser Hauptstraße. Trams on route 43 at Alser Straße cross the scene in the distance. The view updates every second, but after a while you have to click a button to restart it.

Vienna, Rathausplatz

From Live Cam

This is a camera in Vienna (Wien), Austria in the Rathausplatz looking down onto the annual Christmas "Christkindlmarkt", but is usually available at other times of the year. A fully controllable camera with a moving picture, it can be directed to show the Burgtheater with trams on routes 1 and D on the "Ring" passing in front.

Vienna, Rathausturm

This website has a number of views from the Rathausturm in Vienna (Wien), Austria. One looks down from this high point into Rathausplatz with the Burgtheater in the background. Trams on routes 1 and D pass by on the "Ring" and can just be seen. The image updates about once an hour.

Vienna, Scherzergasse

From Live Cam

This site in Vienna (Wien), Austria gives two views from Scherzergasse. The first is of interest to us and looks towards Am Tabor, showing trams on routes 2 and 5. Clicking on the image gives a larger picture. The page automatically updates every 180 seconds. Below the main image is a time-lapse video of the previous 24 hours.


Mogilev, Pervomayskaya Street

This is a trolleybus stop at Pervomayskaya Street in Mogilev, Belarus. Mogilev has an 81 km trolleybus system with around 150 vehicles operating on 7 routes. The link above the picture on the right gives a refresh. The link on the left allows you to adjust the speed of an auto-refresh. The actual image is updated every few seconds.


Sofia, Boulevard General Totleben

From high in the Rodina hotel Sofia, Bulgaria we look down onto Boulevard General Totleben and the Russian monument where trams pass by. The camera gives a streaming movie. There is an archive of earlier shots.

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