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RSS feeds (Really Simple Syndication) were originally developed to provide a means of delivering news information. Our RSS feed will enable you to keep informed of any changes and additions to the Tramway Information website.

To operate it you will need one of the newer browsers, such as Internet Explorer version 7 or later, which have RSS aggregators built in, although many these days seem to have omitted the feature. Once you have subscribed, your browser automatically checks to see if there are any updates. The default is usually once per day, but you can change it. If there are any, you are informed and can follow links to them from the RSS feed page. Separate Feed Readers can be used with other browsers. RSS feeds can also be set up in some email systems, such as Microsoft Outlook. The link address to use in external readers is:-


Your browser retains older link information, but we suggest while you are in any site's RSS pages, it is a good idea to click "refresh", which will tidy up these earlier links.

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