(Registered National Charity No 272961)
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Please Print out this form, complete it in BLOCK CAPITALS and return 
it to the TLRS Membership Secretary with your Sterling cheque or 
credit card number.

Subscription Rates (UK and Overseas)     12 months    6 months*
        for one calendar year
FULL    Membership (aged 22 to 64 incl.)   £18.00       £9.00
SENIOR  Membership (aged 65 and over)      £15.00       £7.50
STUDENT Membership (aged 18 to 21 incl.)   £15.00       £7.50
JUNIOR  Membership (aged under 18 years)    £5.00       £2.50
* The 6 month rates are only available for people joining after 1st July.

If you would like a Society Badge, please add £3.50 to your subscription
remittance listed in the table above. If Non-European members would like
Tramfare by Air Mail, please add £8.00 (6 months £4.00).  
Remittances should be in STERLING only and made payable to 
"The Tramway & Light Railway Society".

Full Name ___________________________________________________________

Address   ___________________________________________________________


______________________________________________ Postcode _____________

Class of membership sought:     FULL  /  SENIOR /  STUDENT  /  JUNIOR
(Please circle appropriately)

Subscribing for:                WHOLE YEAR  /  SECOND HALF OF YEAR
(Please circle appropriately)

Year of Birth (for membership other than FULL) ______________________

For JUNIOR membership, signature, name and membership number of sponsor 


Email/phone number for queries ______________________________________

I wish to be enrolled as a member of the TRAMWAY & LIGHT RAILWAY 
SOCIETY and enclose my first subscription (or charge my credit card)
which, I understand, will be returned if I am not elected to 
membership. If elected, I agree to abide by the Rules of the Society.

Signature ________________________________ Date _____________

Total amount 	   	£______________________

Credit Card Number _____________________________ 

Valid from ___/___ Expires ___/___  Security Number ______ 
                                    (last 3 digits on back of card)

When completed, please send this form and your remittance to:
TLRS Membership, 29 Kennaway Rd, Clevedon, Somerset, BS21 6JJ, UK.
Please allow 28 days for documentation to reach you.
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