TLRS Estate Service

Estate service for TLRS members

From time to time the TLRS publish standard forms of bequests which members are invited to follow when they come to decide how best to arrange on their deaths for the disposal of tramway items which they may own, such as models, books, videos, etc. Proceeding in this way has advantages of certainty and for tax purposes.

But some members may wish to dispose of such items during their lifetime, due perhaps to advanced age, ill health or simply the need to move into smaller accommodation. In other cases if members have not provided for the disposal of items by will, it will be left to those dealing with their estate on their death to have to decide how to dispose of them. At such times, many people seem to wish to dispose of such items quickly as part of house clearance or to general dealers or are taken advantage of by unscrupulous operators.

To meet these circumstances, the Society will offer a valuation and sales service in respect of transport items to members or their executors or next of kin in order to allow a realistic value to be achieved, receiving a fair price based on resale to an appropriate market.

This service will be handled by the Rev Derek Lambelle who will, if need be, collect items if the quantity so dictates. As with similar services there will be a small charge, 17.5% of the price received, of which 2.5% will go to the TLRS and the remainder will cover travel expenses etc.

To use this service, members will need to ensure that those managing the disposal of the property are aware of the service and who currently to contact. The Society produces a card to alert executors which can be placed with transport collections. This can be obtained by sending a C6 size stamped addressed envelope to Derek Lambelle, who will also answer further queries.

TLRS Estate Service,
Rev Derek Lambelle
40 Weston Road,
WS13 7NT.

Tel: 01543 253916

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