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Facebook Tramway Modelling Group

Supported by the TLRS and by far the best and easiest way to show photos of your models and exchange views, is to use the Tramway Modelling Group on Facebook.

Facebook Tramway Modelling Group

Tramway Email Lists

The following index lists how to subscribe to various mailing lists containing tram information for both model and full-size vehicles. Most of the other mailing lists are USA based but they contain some information of interest to UK modellers, such as details of track and overhead designs.

But a word of caution. Subscribing to mailing lists can sometimes generate a high level of unwanted email traffic on your system. Use with care.

email Model Trams and Trolleys Group

The Model Trams and Trolleys email group is a dedicated forum & discussion group, especially for Tram, Tramway & Trolley bus models in 'H0', '00' & 'N' scales, offering advice and tips for fellow modellers.


email US Large Scale Trolley List

This is a US email group dealing with models in 1:32 to 1:20.3 scales, although all other tram and trolley modellers are welcome. It is controlled by Jan Girardot of Glenwood Springs, Colorado.


email US O Scale Traction List

The O Scale Traction List is an American email group which combines the interests of the Trolley Group with the O Scale Group. It is run by Jay Beckham of Berkeley Springs, WV.


email UK Model Tram Email Group

The Model-Tram email group is to encourage an interchange of ideas on model trams and cover all scales. It is run by David Balharrie.


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