Tramway Live Cams

Notes on Camera Operation

A few words of caution about Live webcams. The links on these pages are to live cameras where trams and trolleybuses can sometimes be seen in the view. They are not specifically provided for enthusiasts, so you may not necessarily see a vehicle.

Although these cameras work with most browsers, they may not work with all. Most cameras work with Microsoft Internet Explorer. All have been re-tested using Windows Vista and Windows version 7 and higher with IE9 and higher. A number of cameras will not work correctly with IE8 or older versions. Most also seem to work with the newest versions of Firefox, Chrome and Edge. A few give error messages with IE11 which does not support HTML5, as used by many new camera sites.

Many sites need Java enabled to run applets. Java support was not automatically installed on some of the first new Windows XP installations (rather than an upgrade).

Some cameras use the Axis ActiveX software with Internet Explorer. There are several different versions. If you get no image, try closing the browser, delete "CamImage Class" from the "Windows/Downloaded Program Files" directory and then allow the camera's website to download a new version (for later versions of Windows uninstall Axis using "Programs and Features" from "Control Panel"). Some versions of Axis software do not work with some versions of Windows.

A number of sites display their cameras by means of a pop-up window. If you have installed anti pop-up software, then you may experience problems.

You may find that your local firewalls or site security, particularly when using a corporate local network, will prevent access to some cameras or the installation of their support software (e.g. ActiveX). Some (slightly paranoid) browsers warn you that many sites are insecure, but this can largely be ignored. We have tested them all. However you are always advised to have anti-virus software such as Norton Internet Security in case sites have changed.

The images can be fairly large, so they may be slow to download. The automatic image updates do not always work, try the "Refresh" (or "Reload") button on you browser. If the cameras are being heavily used, you will have to wait your turn. Controllable cameras with a moving picture require a high line speed to work well.

Not all cameras work 24 hours a day and others are sometimes off-line. In addition link addresses do change or cameras are withdrawn. We do try to keep up to date, but it is not always possible. From time to time we remove all dead links, sorry if your favourite has gone.

Having said all this, we hope you enjoy them.

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